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The Toad Prince is a colorful Chinese version of

Beauty and the Beast.


In this story it is Indri, a son of a Water Sprite and the King of the Toads who inherited the ugliness of his father.  What he also inherited is the spring of healing water that he sells to the villagers. Because of his unhappiness over his ugliness he overcharges them and treats them badly. From his mother he learns that by spending nine days in the presence of virtue his ugliness can be removed.

How Indri is transformed physically and spiritually is an enchanting story, both dramatic and tender that will appeal to boys and girls of all ages. This Chinese fairy tale, with its delicate Oriental flavor and accompanied by authentic Chinese music lends itself tremendously to puppets.

This production was made possible by an Artist Fellowship Grant from the Mississippi Arts Commission.


Lesley Raybon, Olivia Hansford and Peter Zapletal


Kimberly and Oliver Stoutner, Jim Goodman and Peter Zapletal


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